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Christmas Party Trays

December 17, 2011

Christmas time means a lot of food and a lot of parties. There will be people having parties at work, at clubs, around the neighborhood, and along with the usual family gatherings. One of the main attractions to a party is the food and drink. Without food, drink and the right Christmas music, some people will show up. Others will just walk in the door, say Merry Christmas and leave. It is human nature.

The easy way to serve food at a party is just sitting it on a table in a tray. A good variety of food on party trays can please a multitude of likes and dislikes. A good party tray will have a variety of fruits, vegetables and meats. Hopefully not all on the same tray.

One of the most successful party trays I have found has been bread with spinach dip. It can be bought at Winco  for $4.95. I can make the same one for just under $3.00. Besides saving money, people are impressed with making some over running out and grabbing some pre-made.

It is easy to go to Fred Meyer, Albertsons, Winco, or whatever local grocery store that has a deli section, and buy pre-made party tray. Simple cheap party trays start in the $5 range. The fancier ones include a mixture of meats and cheeses. If you really want to impress people with an expensive party tray you can always get a cater put together a tray with shrimp, and other complimentary exotic snack foods. Or you can take the time to design and build your own pleasing party tray for the fraction of what it will cost.

The first step in any successful party tray is knowing what type of party and the likes of the attendees. You don’t want to serve sliced ham to a where practicing Jews are attending The same way as you want include traditional Mexican food to where there are going to be Hispanics.  If you have celery on a party tray, don’t expect me to eat it. It will just sit there.

Just the other day, I walked through Fred Meyers. I saw a simple vegetable tray selling for $15. Now if I was to build the same simple vegetable tray with the same amount of celery, carrots, broccoli and ranch dressing in the middle It would cost me less than $6.

It is not always easy to come up with ideas for food or a party tray that people will like. It does not hurt to ask people what they like or don’t like a week or two before hand. Take that information a go to a websites like Cook.com. Cooks.com does have some great ideas and variations on a simple party try.

Since we are in the Christmas season you may want to check out AllRecipes.com. They don’t have any real selection of party tray ideas, but they have a great selection of appetizers. Appetizers are those little snacks you eat before the main meal to keep you from looking like a pig will eating Christmas dinner. What I have seen as appetizers, like Mini Crescent Dogs could fill a person up quick. Still I have seen them in party trays where the party trays were meal substitutes.

I am not going to touch the deserts. Cookies, little cakes and such like are those pleasant indulges that make good friends and good conversation even better. Here again, I have you look at AllReceipes.com for inspiration idea for the desert tray or trays.

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